COVID-19 safety precautions

We hope everyone is being safe and having as much fun as you can while on this lockdown. We are a very small team of my wife, myself and mother-in-law. Thankfully live in a small town of only about 970 people. People in our town and the surrounding towns have had an amazing response and are taking every precaution to ensure everyone’s safety. I can see that in the results as the town our shop is in Newbury, to my knowledge, has had no cases at al and the surrounding towns very little and we are very thankful for that but also still taking extreme precautions. Also so everyone knows, my wife and mother-in-law the cooks, they actually haven’t stepped foot into a store in about a year now and like I said it is a lot easier when you live in a town with just about 4 stores. I just wanted to let everyone know what is happening and that we are being extremely precautious but still having as much fun inside as possible, remember to smile and enjoy the day as much as possible and use these amazing tools we have like video calls to enjoy each others company 🙂 thanks so much everyone and stay safe 🙂

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