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How it Works?

JamBox includes Ontario's best Jam, Honey & Maple Syrup


Select the products you would like included in your Jam Box for delivery. We offer jam, honey and maple syrup that can be bundled together to help with the cost of shipping. No minimum order, feel free to put as many or as few items in your Jam Box as you like.


Next you have to make the tough decision… do you send it as a gift, or keep it for yourself. Put in the address you would like the JamBox delivered to and we will have it on it's way asap. Remember to put in the note section if you would like us to include your name on the gift box 🙂

Eco-friendly, all-natural, locally grown

All of our products are made in Ontario & we use locally grown fruit, honey and maple syrup. From our labels and stickers to our business cards we strive to make everything in our company eco-friendly, pure & natural.

Munro Honey has been making pure & natural honey since 1920 & Crinklaw has been perfecting their pure & natural Maple Syrup process since 1832.

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  • Eco-friendly
  • All Canadian
  • Homemade

What's inside the box?

Select some of our delicious products to put inside your JamBox

  • Jam
  • Honey
  • Maple Syrup
  • Lots of delicious flavors to choose from
  • Peach jam, Superfruit jam, Strawberry jam, Raspberry jam, Mixberry jam
  • We can provide our products in various sized jars for weddings and other special events

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products natural and organic?

All of our products are pure and natural. We use local fruit in our jams and have no added perservatives and are gluten-free. Also all of the materials from business cards to labels and stickers are all from 100% recycled material.

Is JamBox 1 time payment or subscription

JamBox is currently only set as a 1 time payment or gift type payments with no reacurring subscription type option. At sometime in the future we would like to offer that option but for now we just want everyone to enjoy our products hassle free. Please email us at jamboxca@gmail.com if you have any special requests as we will always try to ensure that all of our customers are taken care of 100%! 🙂

Gift Ideas

Check out these other cool options as a gift for any special occasion.

Why Choose JamBox?

No artificial flavors - Gluten-free - Homemade - Fresh - Pure & Natural - Made in Canada
All of our materials including, business cards, labels & stickers, and excelsior shipping filler are all eco-friendly and come from 100% recycled material. Glass jars and shipping box please recycle if not keeping for yourself 🙂
All of the fruit in our jams are grown in Canada and when in season local to Ontario farmers. The Munro Honey farm is located in Southern Ontario as well as Crinklaw Maple Syrup Farm as well. All materials are pure and natural and locally grown and sourced 🙂

What People are saying?

Tastiest jam! I love everything about Jam Box from its packaging to when it hits my tummy 😊 high quality, fresh tasting and not too sweet. Definitely will order again
Andrea Y
The ordering of the jams online was super easy and the shipping fee is good. Questions were answered quickly and very well. We ordered the peach jam, superfruit jam, and strawberry jam plus some honey. Outstanding taste for all and I love that it's all made in Ontario. I also love that it's all gluten free. We will definitely order again!
Lisa J
Your jams are delicious! We ordered Strawberry and peach .. I will be needing more soon !
Kendra M
Our box arrived quickly and the jams and honey are pure delights! The peach jam is incredible. We will definitely be ordering more!
Beauregard V
beautiful delicious products. Very well packaged. Will buy this again for sure
Maureen J
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