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We are located in Bothwell, Ontario but are only offering online sales at this time. Please feel free to fill out the Contact Us form with any questions or wedding and special event requests 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting and have a great day!

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Our jam recipe has been passed down through my wife’s family line. After we were married in 2014 we moved our new and starting family 3 hours away from the city of Toronto, to a little town where my wife grew up and her family still mostly live. Her Mom would always bring jam for our son and when I eventually tried it, I was blown away by how amazing the taste was, I literally cannot eat anything else now, if I go to the store and buy the top end product it still can’t come close to comparing the quality of my wife’s family jam. So I wanted to share this amazing product with the world and give our family the chance of all working together every day which would be an absolute dream to us all. With my background in web design and growing up with my family owning 4 very well know popcorn locations in the Toronto area, I thought working with my wife and her mother and extended family, on this amazing jam would be a great idea and being able to help local farmers and companies like Munro and Crinklaw makes me feel amazing and I can’t wait to bring my kids into an eco-friendly, community-driven company that you reading this are apart of the story and I honestly thank you for that!

As I looked into shipping 1 jar of jam the cost didn’t seem to be fair, so I decided I needed to add a few other items that I love and can stand behind the product just as I can with JamBox jam. That’s when I approached 2 amazing companies that both have been around for over 100 years and provide quality pure and natural products while ensuring they do their part to care for the earth. Crinklaw Maple Syrup has been making the best maple syrup since 1832! Munro Honey likewise has an absolutely pure direct from the honeycomb into your jar honey and they have been in the business of making amazing honey for over 100 years! It is safe to say we are in good company

We are working on figuring out ways to cut costs on shipping, we understand that shipping is a bummer lol to be honest and we will continue to add products until we find a perfect harmony where shipping makes sense. Eco-friendly – we strive to ensure that every part of our company is eco-friendly, meaning our business cards, stickers and labels including mailing labels are all from 100% recycled material, and our shipping filler is excelsior which is 100% biodegradable. Local fruit in our jams, we try to pick ourselves locally from farms surrounding where we live outside of London, Ontario, but when we aren’t able to provide those either fresh in season or fresh and we cut and freeze, then we buy from SnowCrest in British Columbia to keep it Candian  Munro Honey and Crinklaw Maple Syrup are also local to Southern Ontario. Thanks so much and if you have any questions at all please email us 24/7 at Have a wonderful day and week!

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